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Hotel services at hostel prices. Design and history in Estella - Lizarra (Navarra)

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¡¡ In an old tannery from 1795

You will live the history of the old tanners !!

We propose you to rest in a modern hotel establishment at the entrance of the beautiful Historic Center of Estella, where the old tanners took the opportunity to build a fur factory, You will rest under the remains of the medieval Jewish quarter, next to the Camino and next to the gothic church of the Holy Sepulcher, hearing the sound of the river that runs through the neighborhood river park.

Meet our Hostería


Open days

Thanks to our management system you can stay at any time, even in the harshest winter comfortably.

50 €

Double rooms

The hotel type option. Private room but without giving up all the services of our Hostel.

15 €

Bed in bedroom

The best option for pilgrims, small groups or families. The hostel type formula with all our services.

100 %

Reservations & Cancellations

By booking directly with us you can cancel your reservation without any payment up to two days before.

check it!!

¡¡ With all measures for your protection

On The Way rest safely after the coronavirus crisis !!

You will get safety distance, hygiene, disinfection even with UV, daily protocols, payment by card, free access by code, autocheking, ... and many details so that you only !! Enjoy !!

Our measures COVID-19

The Hostería de Curtidores

Your best accommodation in Estella - Lizarra !!

Different hosting formulas: Choose the one that best suits you !!


Today take yourself an affordable luxury

Contact us

Hotel services at hostel prices.

Why Choose Us ?

In our Hostería de Curtidores we have a wide list of amenities and services prepared to meet the needs of our visitors and thus be able to guarantee a most comfortable stay.

Curtidores hostel is a tourist hostel with a lot of history, a perfect option for all types of customers, as we offer private rooms and beds in shared rooms. We are located in the historic center of Estella - Lizarra, a small Navarre town in which harmoniously, nature, art, culture, gastronomy, active leisure, ...

Calle Curtidores 43, Estella - Lizarra, Navarra